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Dr. Jame Cará Junior

Dr. Jaime Cará Junior has been a counsellor of research in the most prominent university in Latin America (USP), post-graduation professor of didactics, digital product manager, training and development manager, coursebook author and many other inspiring roles in the field of education and e-learning. Jaime is currently a didactics coordinator at Redu Space Services for the European Space Agency Academy.

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Dr. Kirsty Williamson

Kirsty Williamson, an academic with over twenty-five years of experience in tertiary education, has held numerous educational leadership roles in New Zealand and internationally. Since joining Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland in 2014, she has taken on several key positions, including Academic Director for Executive and Professional Development, Assistant Dean Academic (Curriculum), Curriculum Design Manager for the Graduate School of Management, Faculty Subject Lead for Business Skills and Communication, and Team Lead of the Business Communication Team. Kirsty holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, with research focusing on using problem-based methodology and a theory of action approach to enhance pedagogical practices. Her excellence in teaching has been recognised with multiple awards for Innovation in Teaching and Collaboration in Teaching.

Past Speakers

Education conference

Dr. Antonio Nevescanin

The Lodz University of Technology

Presentation Title: The Potential of Practical Classes in Higher Education: Transforming Architectural Education as a Case

Antonio Nevescanin – practicing architect and assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Lodz University of Technology. Main areas of interest: modernist architectural heritage, particularly in the post-socialist countries, as well as urban regeneration and conservation of architectural heritage. Furthermore, he is conducting research in didactics of academic teaching, particularly in the field of architecture and urban planning, exploring the differences and barriers between teaching and learning in artistic and other scientific fields. 

Education conference

Dr. Deniece Dortch

An Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Administration at the George Washington University

Presentation Title: Navigating The Rules of Engagement: African American Doctoral Students Experiencing the Hidden Curriculum at Predominantly White Institutions in the United States

Dr. Deniece Dortch uses critical phenomenological approaches to understanding how African American undergraduate and graduate students experience and respond to race and racism at predominantly white institutions of higher education. Dr. Dortch studies the socialization of undergraduate and graduate students of color. She is especially interested in how psychological violence and fear is experienced, manifested and reproduced in the academy. Her most recent projects explore intra-racial relationships, racial agency and their effects on persistence in higher education. Dr. Dortch earned her Ph.D. Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an Ed.M. in Higher & Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Intercultural Service, Leadership & Management from the School for International Training in Vermont and a B.A. from Eastern Michigan University.

education conference

Dr. Zaruhi Soghomonyan

Dr. Zaruhi Soghomonyan, with an MA in English and Spanish from Yerevan State Linguistic University and a subsequent PhD in 2016, expanded her horizons by earning an MA in Management from UFAR and UJML in France. Currently pursuing a DBA at the University of Bath, she has authored a dozen scientific articles, her commitment to her field shines through her participation in over 40 local and international conferences and more than 50 workshops and ToTs.

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Dr. Mariam alkalbani

Dr. Mariam Al-Kalbani is an Assistant Professor at Mohammed bin Zayed University for Humanities in the UAE and heads the University Program Preparation Section. She earned her PhD in Educational Research from Lancaster University, UK. She received the Rashid Award for Academic Excellence. She has numerous research papers in educational fields and has participated in various seminars and conferences globally.

education conference

Dr. Wing Yee Ho

Dr. Wing Yee HO is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education and Languages at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. She received her Ph.D. from the City University of Hong Kong. She is a Chartered Psychologist of the British Psychological Society. Her research interests include experiential learning, psychological trauma, and mental health in young people.

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Dr. Aramudin

Dr. Aramudin, S.Pd., M.Pd., has held the position of Senior Lecturer at Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, Indonesia, since 2020 in the Department of Primary School Teacher Education. He achieved his doctoral degree with top honors from Universitas Negeri Jakarta, having previously completed his master's degree in the same institution, both majoring in the Department of Primary Education. His undergraduate degree is in the Department of Economics Education which he completed in Halu Oleo University. Dr. Aramudin's research interests encompass the diverse domains of Social Science Education and Primary Education. He has made contributions to the academic community through a series of publications, which are accessible via his Google Scholar page.

Aggelos Kavasakalis

Dr. Aggelos Kavasakalis

Dr. Aggelos Kavasakalis is Assistant Professor at the Department of Educational Sciences and Social Work, University of Patras, Greece with the subject: “Lifelong Learning Policies”. His main research field is the analysis of the processes of production and implementation of European LLPs and their transformation at national and sub-national level. He has participated in research projects and has publications in Greek, English and French.

Education conference

Dr. Francisco Mareque león

Dr. Francisco Mareque León, PhD in Education Sciencies by the University of Santiago de Compostela. Associate professor in the Department of Pedagogy and Didactics at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Teacher in elementary school and educational counselor in middle school and high school. Member of the Educational Technology Group at the University of Santiago de Compostela, specialist in educational and institutional evaluation and e-learning.

education conference

Dr. Lorena Casal-Otero

Dr. Lorena Casal-Otero, is a lecturer in the Department of Pedagogy and Didactics of the Faculty of Education Sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Her research focuses on Educational Technology. She has participated in more than 15 research projects, has numerous publications and has participated in seminars and conferences around the world. His commitment focuses on the application of technology for the improvement of education and people's lives.

Stella Chantzi

Dr. Stella Chantzi

Dr. Stella Chantzi is a graduate of History-Archaeology, holder of a master's degree in "School Pedagogy and New Technologies" from the University of Western Macedonia, of PhD in Pedagogy, and she is teacher in secondary and higher education. She is a member of Greek education societies PEE, EEPEK and ELEIE, of a committee of judges at Greek conferences, a trainer of the IEP in Greece.

Rakesh Khanal

Dr. Rakesh Khanal

Dr. Rakesh Khanal is a Senior Lecturer. He earned his PhD from the University of Sydney and master’s degree from Southern Illinois University, USA and has more than 20 years of experience in higher education teaching, research and management. His current research interests are in the areas of Curriculum & Pedagogy, Built Environment & Desing and Complex Project Management.

Dr. Hilary Ng Ka Yan

Dr. Hilary Ng Ka Yan

Dr. Hilary Ng is currently an Assistant Professor of The School of Education and Languages at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. Her expertise spans across positive education, social psychology, cross-cultural psychology, digital technologies, and educational science. Her research interest centers on enhancing well-being and behavioural functioning in the contemporary world.

Victor Tan Chee Shien

Mr. Victor Tan Chee Shien

Victor is currently a third-year doctorate student and a Tutor at the University of Stirling in the department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology. His prior work experience spans across special-education, counselling, educational psychology and higher education. He is currently pursuing Fellowship at the University of Stirling. His research interest includes Applied Social Research, Higher-education, Special Education, Developmental and Educational Psychology.

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Mr. Michael Thomas Dennis Müller

Michael Müller holds an M.A. in International Business Administration from Hochschule Worms and currently heads the Quality Management department at the same institution. With a deep interest in educational policy and digitalization, Müller was distinguished as the top Master's graduate and received a scholarship from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Education Conference

Mr. Nathan John Workman

Nathan Workman, MSc, is a lecturer at Wenzhou Kean University in China, with nine years of professional experience working in a diverse range of international educational contexts. His research currently focuses on the rise of student migration, with specific interests in the social and ethical implications that surround this new globally mobile youth population.

Alexander McWilliam

Mr. Alexander McWilliam

Alexander is currently in the final year of his PhD with the Institute for Psychology of Elite Performance at Bangor University. As an applied practitioner, he has worked with clients across many sectors of business and education. Research interests include public speaking anxiety and performance under pressure. In 2023, he became a fellow of the Learning and Performing Institute (FLPI).

Maria del Carmen Fernández Morante

Dr. Maria del Carmen Fernández Morante

Dr. Carmen Fernández Morante is lecturer in the Department of Pedagogy and Didactics at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). PhD in Educational Sciences (USC Award). Specialist in Educational Technology and Teacher Training. She was Vice-Rector of Teaching and Research Staff and Degrees (2010-2013). Dean of Faculty of Education Sciences (2014-2022) and President of the Spanish National Conference of Deans of Education from 2018 to 2022.

Sangge Qi

Ms. Sangge Qi

Ms. Sangge Qi is a doctoral researcher working in the Department of Education and Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education (CELE) at University of Turku, Finland. Her research interests include graduate employability, post-PhD career trajectories, educational credentialing and hierarchization of education.

Huang Wang

Dr. Huang Wang

Dr. Huang Wang, lecturer in Hunan First Normal University, PhD in English Language Education by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Her research focuses on intercultural competence, national/cultural identity and teacher education, with specific interest in primary school EFL teachers and intercultural education for young learners. She has made contributions to the academic community through several publications on SSCI journals.

Parvathy Rajeev

Ms. Parvathy Rajeev

Ms. Parvathy Rajeev - PhD scholar in Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai. Author of several poetry books and awardee of All India Women Writer Award 2021, South Indian Women Writer Award 2021, Spectrum Awards and more. Also got featured in the International Magazine Elite and was awarded the Global Talents Award for Social Engineering. Interested in working with NGOs and human development organizations in India. The field of research is connected to positive psychology and literature. Researching on parapsychology, positive psychology and literature.

Martha Margarita Gonzalez Beltran

Ms. Martha Margarita Gonzalez Beltran

Margarita González is a Biologist, MSc biochemist and PhD student in biotechnology. Professor since 2015 at the medicine undergraduate program. Currently working as assistant professor, chair of biomedical ethics committee and recently appointed as research director of medicine faculty at Universidad Antonio Nariño in Colombia. Her research interests include: medical education, cancer and diabetes treatment, and biochemical in silico analysis.

Parantap Bhatt

Mr. Parantap Bhatt

Parantap Bhatt is a designer, researcher, and educator with an exposure in multidisciplinary fields like Architecture, Interiors, Arts and Computation. He is an Assistant professor at OCAD University, teaching in the faculty of design; Parantap also practices architecture at NORR Architects & Engineers Ltd; where he is a design lead responsible for excelling design and development of the firm.

Yilin Zhang

Ms. Yilin Zhang

Yilin Zhang earned M.A. in TESOL from the University of Nottingham and also hold a CELTA certificate. She is currently working as a full-time ESL teacher at Zhengzhou Shengda University in China. Her main research interests include L2 teaching and learning, teacher learning and development.

Yuliya Babayeva

Ms. Yuliya Babayeva

Yuliya Babayeva is a novice but actively practicing researcher in ICT and TESOL at Maqsut Narikbayev University. With her M. Ed received from Eurasian National University, she is expanding her horizons by getting another Master’s degree in Tomsk State University in the field of Natural Language Analysis (NLP) in Linguistics and IT (Fundamental and Applied Linguistics), also by participation in different courses, researches and preparation for her Ph.D. in Seattle Pacific University. Her main scientific interests are AI in Teaching, TESOL, and psycholinguistics.

Stela Maria Fernandes Marques

Dr. Stela Maria Fernandes Marques

Dr. Stela Marques is an Assistant Professor and researcher at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC-MG), Brazil, where she lectures at the Postgraduate Programme in Education and at the Institute of Human Sciences. She co-coordinates the "Studies and Research on Teaching" Group. Qualifications: BEd & Portuguese/English teaching (ESESC/’99); MEd in Special Education (Newcastle Univ./UK, ‘01); PhD in Education (Newcastle Univ./UK, ‘06); Postdoctoral Fellowship (UFMG/’11). Postdoctoral Fellowship (IPL/’20). Educational Neuroscience Specialist: neurophysiological foundations of learning (PUC/’21). Main research areas: Cognitive Education; Neurosciences; Neurodivergence; Metacognition; Pedagogical Innovation; Thinking Skills interventions; Inclusive Education; Special educational needs.

Dr. Shalette Ashman

Dr. Shalette Ashman

Dr. Ashman holds a PhD in Computing Technology in Education, an Education Specialist Degree, a Master’s degree in Rhetoric Composition and Digital Media, a Master’s degree in Business, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. She is recognized as a pioneer of eLearning in the Caribbean, having spearheaded its implementation back in 2005. Currently, she holds the position of CEO at LearningHub, a globally renowned company with offices in the Caribbean and North America.

Megi Plaku

Ms. Megi Plaku

Ph.D. Candidate Megi Plaku is a researcher and has been teaching English for Specific Purposes for the Centre of Foreign Languages in the Faculty of Mathematics Engineering and Physics Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana since 2018. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate, whose thesis and most of her research work are focused on English for Specific Purposes, Terminology, and Acquisition of Terminology. Megi has attended some conferences and has some publications related to the field of education, ESP teaching and learning in particular.


University of Alabama at Birmingham


education conference

Dr. Yu-mei Wang teaches at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has been teaching discussion-based online courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Her research covers new media literacy, technology proficiencies of digital natives as preservice teachers, meaningful online discourse communities, and teacher education reform. Dr. Yu-mei Wang has published widely in academic journals and presented at various international conferences.


A special education lecturer at the Center for the Study of Education and Community Wellbeing, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (The National University of Malaysia)


education conference

Dr. Mohd Norazmi bin Nordin holds a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree in special education leadership. Former academic teacher at Batu Pahat Special Education School, Johor, Malaysia. Successfully completed PhD studies within two years. He is also the founder of SKAF-Style Quick Thesis Writing Techniques which has greatly helped undergraduate and doctoral students in completing their theses. Receive invitations from various universities in and outside Malaysia as speakers and keynote speakers for international conferences and seminars. He is also Editor in Chief of a special education journal and as an editorial board in five international journals.


Professor of Pedagogy and Sociology at the Slovenian National Institute of Education, Department of Primary Education


education conference

Prof. Tatjana Krapše, worked as a teacher at a primary school, then became a pedagogical advisor for teaching and, before taking up her current post, was a primary school head teacher for 11 years. Her main areas of work are: Research in the field of didactics of primary education, professional development of teachers, pedagogical leadership. She recently completed the leadership of the project Development of Entrepreneurship in Primary Education in Slovenia. She is a member of several editorial boards of professional journals in the field of education. She has given numerous lectures in Slovenia and abroad.

education conference


Dr. Benaissa ICHOU is director of research at the Didactic Research Center and Pedagogical Programs (CRDPP) in Rabat’s Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM). He holds a Doctorate (Ph.D) in didactics of languages teaching, a Diploma of in-depth higher studies (DESA) in didactics of language teaching with a specialization in Arabic language, a Diploma of higher studies (DES) and a Diploma of advanced studies (DEA) in language and literature, all from University Med V in Rabat. He has also received a Classroom Observation Completion Certificate from Texas A&M University. Benaissa’s research interests include language didactics, teaching the Amazigh language, and learning assessment. He has participated in numerous conferences and seminars and has authored several research studies and personal works.

education conference


Dr. Stella Chantzi is a graduate of History-Archaeology, holder of a master's degree in "School Pedagogy and New Technologies" from the University of Western Macedonia, of PhD in Pedagogy, and he teaches pedagogic courses in secondary and higher education. She is a member of Greek education societies PEE, EEPEK and ELEIE, of a committee of judges at Greek conferences, a trainer of the IEP, and participated with announcements at Greek and International conferences.

education conference


Dr. Avishag Edri, is a lecturer in Hemdat College of Education & Orot Israel College of Education . Her doctoral thesis dealt with the homeschooling experience of homeschooling mothers, in her postdoctoral thesis she focused on the experience of homeschooling graduates, both studies are based on phenomenological qualitative research. She has also been homeschooling her children for about twenty years.

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Dr. Nancy Tamimi trained as a dentist. She has an MSc degree in the Science of Dental Public Health and a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology. She is a Lecturer in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at King’s College London and was awarded the Fellowship of the UK Higher Education Academy earlier this year. Her current focus is on strengthening research capacity in conflict-affected areas and decolonising higher education.

education conference


Dr. Evrim Ustunluoglu has a vast amount of experience as an instructor, advisor to the rector, the dean of students, and also the director of School of Foreign Languages. Her qualifications include MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Ph.D. in Educational Sciences. She has publications in international journals, and has been awarded scholarships as a researcher and visiting scholar abroad. Her expertise and interests are quality, program development, methodology and designing thinking.

education conference


Md. Shahinujjaman is currently working as a Manager- Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) and overall leading the MEAL function of development portfolio of Education Sector in Save the Children in Bangladesh country office. For the last 16 years, he has professional experience in development sector related to research, planning and MEAL. His academic background is Master of Science in Environmental Science and Master of Business Administration. He is PMD Pro certified and PMM Facilitator and awarded as “The PMM Star 2022” from Asia. His areas of interest are Research, Planning, Monitoring, Designing and Facilitation.

Education Conference


Adrian Estrela Pereira is a Brazilian arranger, pianist and music producer with a Bachelor degree in Composition and Arrangement for Popular Music from the Federal University of Bahia and a master degree in music education from the same university. Currently, Adrian investigates Power Relations in Curricula of Higher Education Music Courses as a PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University.

education conference


Nash Lin is creative artist, teacher and mentor for tertiary level since 2010 in multimedia art subjects. Nash has recently obtained his Master in Education with distinction, focusing on educational technology to enhance personalised learning. Nash’s deep interest in edu-tech drives him to develop his own Personalised Feedback App for his students, which presented him with the Educational Innovation Award.

education conference


Amber Nicole Castellanos is currently finishing up her MA in Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She has an MA in English Literature and a BA in Creative Writing. She has presented in two other conferences including the 2nd Global Conference on Women’s Studies and a Conference through IIARP and has several published poems and short stories.

education conference


Ilya Sinitski is an accomplished professional with a diverse range of experiences and expertise. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Ilya is currently living and working from Limassol, Cyprus, where he serves as the Representative and Chief Business Development Officer of MoodHood.Online. With a passion for education and coaching, Ilya has helped countless students achieve their academic and personal goals. He has a deep understanding of the learning process and is committed to helping others unlock their full potential. As the former owner of an online language school, Ilya has an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a positive impact in people’s lives. He has a deep understanding of the power of education and technology to transform lives and create new opportunities. His passion for learning, creativity, and innovation makes him a dynamic and inspiring leader who is making a significant impact in the world.


Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


education conference

Prof. Dr. Nissim Ben-Arie is Professor of Developmental Genetics, studying genetic regulation of nervous system development in the embryo. He is Academic Head of the Pre-Academic Preparatory Schools, both in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Having B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biology, he is voted numerous times as an excellent lecturer and awarded by the University with the Milken Prize for continuous excellence in teaching.

education conference


Thi Phuong Lan Nguyen –Doctor of Philosophy in Education. She graduated PhD program from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2019. She has been an experienced EAL/D lecturer and researcher since 2001. Her interests are TESOL, curriculum development, and educational policy.

education conference


Birta-Székely Noémi Associate professor, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science, Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania. She is a VIG (Video Interactive Guidance) trainer and bibliotherapist. Her research areas are professional self-awareness and mental health of teachers.

education conference


Dr. Quang Vu, Director of Institute for Educational Management HCMC. He completed his PhD from Vietnamese National University of Economics. His interest is education management, especially financial autonomy in education. He is an author of a series of papers regarding financial autonomy in Vietnamese public higher education.

Sella Chantzi


Stella Chantzi is a secondary school teacher in Greece with language, Postgraduate degree, specializing in school pedagogy and new technologies, PhD in the field of Pedagogy and instructor in university of University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) in Greece.

education conference


Sohni Zahid-Siddiqui is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Technische Universität Berlin, supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Currently, she is examining strategies to prevent bullying in educational institutions through teachers’ professional development.

education conference


Mark Pierce was an Educator in the Dallas Independent School District for 27 years. For 23 of those years, he was the Program Manager of the Homeless Education Program. He retired from education in 2018 and is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Southern Methodist University. He will defend his dissertation on how COVID19 affected the lives homeless children in July 2022.

Tatjana Krapše


Tatjana Krapše, professor of pedagogy and sociology, has employed at the Slovenian Institute of Education, Department of Primary Education. Her priority areas of work are: research in the field of didactics of primary education, professional development of teachers, educational leadership. She is currently leading a project on Entrepreneurship Development in Primary School.

Patrick Poon


Patrick Poon is the Associate Dean and Professor of Teaching in Marketing and International Business, Faculty of Business, Lingnan University. He received his PhD (major in Technology Management and Marketing) and Master of Engineering and Technology Management from the University of Queensland. He obtained his second doctoral degree (Doctor of Political Science) at the University of Mainz.

Fei Xue


Fei Xue is a Ph.D. student in the School of Education at the University of California, Davis, USA. Her research focuses on instructional technology, human-computer interaction, and design thinking.

Katica Pevec Semec


Katica Pevec Semec is a Pedagogical consultant and Research-Development associate with a lot of experience. Her areas of development and research work: entrepreneurship among young people, multilingualism, CLIL, integrated approach to education, integration of immigrants and professional development of teachers. She conducts seminars and pedagogical consulting.

Reema Mani


Reema Mani is a post-doctoral researcher at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai, India. She is interested in mainly dialogue in the classroom, classroom discourse, and qualitative research methods in education. In this presentation, she will share the type of engagement in learning that was possible when students were mostly unsupervised and working from home.

William Collins


William Collins is Associate Professor of English at Nagasaki University where he has taught since 2002. He has taught Academic Writing, Presentation, Speaking, Listening, American Culture and Cross-Cultural Communication. Professor Collins holds a Master of TESOL degree from University of Birmingham, UK. His research interests include Corpus Stylistics, Literature and Language Teaching and developing an online World Literature Corpus.

Mrs. Asmae Chraibi


Asmae Chraibi is a junior student majoring in Engineering and Management Science at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Two years ago, She discovered her interest for undergraduate research, and ever since then, She has been relentlessly pursuing topics that are under-researched, but which merit careful consideration and discussion.

education conference


PhD in Educational Sciences, Postdoctoral Researcher, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Postdoctoral researcher at Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and funded by Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Germany. My PhD is in educational sciences at MLU. I have a bachelor‘s and a master‘s in chemistry teaching at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional in Colombia. Throughout around 7 years, I worked in different universities in Colombia, mostly in teacher education. I have also worked as a school teacher, during 3 years, in diverse contexts in Colombia. My research topics are science education, teacher education, environmental education, interculturality, and higher education. Until September 2021, I have 70 publications –34 papers in peer-reviewed and indexed journals, 15 full texts in proceedings, 2 books, 3 chapters, and 16 short communications in proceedings

education conference


Lecturer, Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Tomislava Vidić has a PhD in Educational Sciences. She currently holds a position of a class teacher, with a teacher-counsellor title. As a lecturer at the Faculty of Teacher Education University of Zagreb, she teaches the following courses: Classroom Management, Theory of Education, and Communication in Education. She has participated in several international conferences and published research papers and books.

education conference


Dr. Aristides Vagelatos, is a computer engineer, and a researcher fellow at Computer Technology Institute, Greece. His main scientific interests include ICT in Education, Natural Language Processing, Adult Education and Open education Resources. He is the author or co-author of more than 100 scientific research papers, and has served as a reviewer in a number of international conferences. For more information please visit

education conference


Thawanrat Puangkeaw has got Master of Science (Science Education) in Chemistry from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok Thailand. She is now doing internship in Professional Teaching at Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni) School, Bangkok teaching Chemistry.

education conference


Serafeim A. Triantafyllou has worked as a Computer Science Teacher in schools of Secondary Education of Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. He holds a BSc in Applied Informatics, an MSc degree in Continuing Education and a Master Degree of Education in Special Education. He taught in School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE), Annex of Thessaloniki (Greece) for the academic years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. Serafeim is also author of computer science and pedagogy books.

education conference


Olga Dombrovska holds an MA degree in English Philology. CELTA certified. Founder and Teacher Trainer at TOK training project. Collaborator with “Scientific Centre of ECRAL analysis” UNESCO Club on development of teaching methodologies in the area of Educational Phycology, Psychology of Emotions, Inclusive Education.

education conference


Cristiana Levinthal is an expert in educational psychology and doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her research explores parental engagement with learning, parent-teacher partnerships, and parents’ growth mindset. She is interested in exploring similarities and differences between the Finnish and the Portuguese contexts of parental engagement and providing new insights for teacher education.

education conference


Lukasz Lisowski is the CEO & Founder Bond Together, Inc. “Dance is my lifelong passion. I created a business to empower children with life skills through dance/ physical fitness and mindfulness skills. My goal is to implement this program into school systems around the world.” His credentials include University of Environment/ Life Science, NYU Business Management, Professional Ballroom, Choreographer, Arthur Murray: Travel Consultant, Manager.

education conference


Victoria Mirata is a researcher and lecturer in the field of personalised and adaptive learning at the Institute for Research in Open-, Distance- and eLearning (IFeL) and the UNESCO Chair on Personalised and Adaptive Distance Education at the Swiss University of Applied Sciences. Her research interests include technology-enhanced learning, implementation challenges. The methodology draws on qualitative and mixed-methods approaches, Delphi method.

education conference


Khadija Alblooshi, First year PhD student in the College of Education in UAE University. Works as senior executive in the Dean’s office in College of Medicine and Health Sciences at UAE University. An administrator in the Education field for 15 years, so she chose to pursue her graduate studies in Leadership in Education and Policy Studies.Interested in leadership studies and research.

education conference


She earned her B.A in Education studies from Mongolian State University of Education, Mongolia and M.A in English from St.Xavier’s college, India. During her studies in India, she collected the prize “Indian Overseas bank prize for a deserving student with good academic credentials”. Currently, she is a PhD student in the Faculty of Education and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. She received fully funded government scholarship from India as well as Hungary.

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